Monday, March 25, 2013


When your chest feels like bursting
And just want to cry away
Like the rain on an autumn, cold, windy day
When your heart wants
                        balloon in thin air
                        to be nothing
to feel nothing

I wish I could tell you to smile
I wish I could tell you to laugh
But all I can say is just breathe
All I can say is just live
And did I say, don’t forget to breathe?

Eyes tear up like the sky
Torn by the slash of lighting
News that came as a flash
Shot from unexpected camera
With an unexpected picture

If you could act, life would be a play
That is why all I can say is, be real
There is no wedding, no funeral
If it was comedy I’d say laugh
If it was tragedy I’d say cry
But drama, that’s life
So all I will say is breathe.